Our fresh palm fruits bunch are processed organically into various oil palm products. We produce under strict oil palm best practices and we can proudly say that our palm oil are sustainable.

Our products include:

1. Palm oil

Our palm is specially produced with an additional process known as clarification. Our palm oil Free Fatty Acid composition is within the ranges of 5-7. We give preference to details this is one reason why we process our palm bunches to palm oil with the fastest possible time so as to maintain a good FFA level. Our palm oil is organic and edible. It could also be used industrially for several purposes. Contact us for quote and/or more information.

2. Palm kernel oil

Our palm kernel oil is organically produced from one of the best production procedure. It is long shelf life guaranteed. Contact us for a quote and/or more information.

3. Palm kernel cake

Our palm kernel cakes are also organically produced, very suitable for animal feeds. We package to meet our clients need. Contact us for a quote and/or more information.

4. Palm kernel shell

Our palm kernel shells are clean and dry, very suitable for alternative coal and amazingly eco and ozone friendly. PKS specification:
Moisture: 12 %
Ash: 1.5 %
Volatile Matter: 70 %
Sulphur: 0.5 %
Pci: 4.100 kcal/kg
Size: 5-35 mm
Foreign Material : 5%
Bulk density: 37.57 Ibs/ft3
Contact us for a quote and/or more information.